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About Missing Children International
& Founder Chris Melendez

While many children may remain missing in the United States, there is one man who have proved he knows how to find them.

His name is Chris Melendez, a Private Detective who has become well known heading up the renowned Orange County, California organization Missing Children International.

Among many hundreds of cases successfully solved, Melendez made the press for solving the highly reported 1997 murder of young Denise Huber, an Orange County child whose killer was captured and remains behind bars. As a result of his success, Melendez has been featured in many newspaper articles and in addition is an expert guest for radio and television broadcasting. Available as an expert fact analyist, Melendez has a good sense of how to solve cases and has an innate sense of why a child is endangered or has run away.

In addition to his database and concerns about every missing child in the United States, Melendez persevers to run the non-profit organiztion. His main concern is for the parents involved who need help financially. While Melendez offers free services to those trying to find children through Missing Children International anyone interested in making a contribution is welcome to do so. Donations of any amount help defray the cost to families who would otherwise not be able to afford services.

Chris Melendez is an educational and interesting guest who will also inform consumer viewers and listeners on what he calls The Ten Reasons Why Children Disappear.

You may reach Chris Melendez through Missing Children International by telephone at (714) 210-3869 or through his Private Investigation firm, Melendez and Associates (714) 542-8083.

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