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School Safety Rules

Print School Safety Rules Print School Safety Rules

  • Stay in well lit areas. Donít take shortcuts.
  • If you ride your bike follow all bicycle rules.
  • If you have to wait for a bus, stay with the group.
  • If anyone bothers you or asks for help, get away from that person and tell the teacher, parent or other trusted adults. Grown ups donít ask children for help; they ask other adults.
  • What if someone offers you a ride or says your parents sent them? Say ďLeave me alone! Iím going to scream!"
  • Never get in the car with an unknown adult.
  • Donít ever hitchhike.
  • If someone follows you in a car, quickly turn around and go in the other direction. Remember to ALWAYS TELL your parents or another trusted adult about it.
  • What if someone follows you on foot or tries to take you? Remember to try and say: ďGet away" and yell, "This is not my parent!Ē
  • Keep yelling and remember to tell your parents when you get home or to school.
  • What if someone you donít know comes to walk you home from school? Never leave school with someone you donít know.
  • No matter what a person tells you, check first with the teacher, principal or call your parents yourself to be sure.
  • Do you sometimes write your name on books, clothing or other school supplies? Leave things with your name on them at home.
  • Someone you donít know may call out your name and fool or confuse you.
  • What do you do after school? If you want to go to a park or the Mall check first to be sure itís OK. Remember: Never go alone and always have your parentsí permission. They need to know where you are going to be. While you are out, never accept money or gifts from anyone you donít know until you TELL YOUR PARENTS FIRST.
  • Do you go home alone after school? Lots of kids have parents who work and are not there after school. Do you know your house rules? Make sure you go over the home alone rules with your parents.
  • Keep the door(s) locked.
  • Call your parents when you get home.
  • Donít open the door for anyone.
  • Donít tell people who call you are home alone.
  • Call a trusted adult if you are scared.

Your most important tool is to trust your feelings. If something doesnít ďFEELĒ right or if you feel scared or uncomfortable, get away and ďTELLĒ a trusted adult as soon as you can. You should always feel safe and someone is always there to help.

Print School Safety Rules

Print School Safety Rules